Thursday, December 24, 2009

New year always brings new perspective

With the arrival of the Christmas season, and the approach of the New Year, we often find ourselves looking at things with a slightly different perspective. During the year we have a tendancy to get busy with the day to day business of life. One thing that is so great about the Christmas season is most of us take a little break from that day to day grind and have some time to refocus on energy on the direction we would like to see our lives take over the next year. The reality is if we would all make the time to take this break monthly, or better yet weekly, our lives would be lived in a much more guided fashion.

Why is it most people spend more time planning their summer vacation than they do their lives? Think back on your last year and compare that to the time and effort you spent planning your last vacation. I would venture to say most of us spent a considerable more amount of time planning out that vacation. Take the time to put a little effort and planning into your life. Choose the direction you would like to go. Too many of us spend our time relying on the income from a job that is very much out of our control and quite frankly in these economic times could be gone tomorrow. What are you doing to take control of your life over the next year?


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