Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who is your target prospect? (AKA MLM Mistake #1)

There are so many people that get involved in the MLM industry and make a big mistake in who they are looking for. I have to admit I have often made this mistake myself and that's how I can speak from experience here.

Let's see if you can relate to how this plays out:
You get involved with the SuperPower GoGo Juice company. You get excited and love the product. You immediately go out and try and find others that you think will love your SuperPower GoGo Juice as much as you do! WRONG! That is where the downhill slide starts. You don't find others that love your GoGo Juice as much as you do and you can't understand. Then you begin to get frustrated and eventually just use the product yourself or quit altogether. Even worse many move on to tell everyone they know through word of mouth or now even the internet for all to see that "SuperPower GoGo Juice" is a fraud and doesn't work. The reality is there is nothing wrong with the company, but instead your approach.

Who are you really looking for? Why did you get involved with the company you are with? Were you originally looking for SuperPower GoGo Juice? Probably not. What you were looking for was a chace to make a change in your life. What you were looking for was a dream and a possibility of making a better life. So, why not look for those same people? You need to find people that are looking for a better way of life. Establish yourself as a leader that people will want to follow. Find people looking for more out of life. Where do you find them? They are everywhere. It's just a matter of finding enough people that believe in you and the dream you are following and selling to follow you.


Chuck Bartok said...

Excellent Points Chris.

But we also need to realize that people buy Products for the benefit. I have known for years that many "MLM" companies have affordable products far superior than the"over the counter" market.

So it is OK to share the excitement of the efficacy of a Solid MLM product, if you believe.

You know i have two MLM companies I associate with. I have a good customer base and as usual a few solid producers who also enjoy CASH PROFIT from exertion of Time and Energy.

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Congratulations again on the Birth of your lovely daughter

Chris said...

I agree Chuck. There are some wonderful products out there. It sure is OK to share the excitement of the good products offered. If the products weren't any good, they wouldn't survive in the marketplace. Customer base is good for establishing a quick profit and definitely have a place in the business. They play a huge part in our three part sorting system (which I'll be sure to cover in a future post).