Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is there more than one way to skin an MLM cat?

It's interesting really. I've met so many different "types" of people in the industry. They are very distinct types. The few extremes that I have seen are:

There is s die hard. They have a tendancy to get involved with one company, learn how to build that company, and stick with it. They may go through a few different companies to find the right company, but then when they find a "home", will stay there for a very long time. I've also experienced people that when they get involved in a very good "system", they will stay in that system, travel across the country for meetings, and keep plugging away, even if there is zero movement or profit in their business.

Then there is the company hopper. They change companies every 6-12 months. Don't get me wrong, this is not necessarily a bad thing for them. These are people that see the opportunity with each new company they are exposed to. They find the next greatest thing. The majority of people that fall into this category, end up company hopping, spending a lot of money on signups and initial products. They have a large inventory of products from companies they used to be in. They will contact their friends and family with the next great opportunity they have found and are convinced this is the one. Understand, there are people that make huge profits that do fall into this category. However, you need a very specialized skill set in order to accomplish this. Those that can build groups very rapidly, do very well in this business model. They move to a company, build their group rapidly, and once things appear to really get rolling, move on to another company for one reason or another. Some of the people they had in their old company will follow them, and they will begin the process all over again.

It was interesting a few years ago to spend some time with an individual such as this going through some companies. We were wined and dined by many of the companies we went through and I could see where it could be a great lifestyle. However, we found it just wasn't for us. We are more "home" and "system" people.


Eric Youle said...

Hi I guess that I'm in the first category. Sticking with my current company, not interested in hopping. Have tried another company but don't expect to change now.

My reasons -
1. Use and need the company products
2. To do the job properly involves considerable investment in time, effort, money, networking etc hopping largely throws that away.
3. Its unlikely that other companies offer major advantages 0 they all work to a somewhat similar degree, so where is the advantage, if you have one that suites you.
4. Other companies can be an unknown - in terms of ethics, financial stability, endurance - there is a real risk in hopping to new start ups, most wont be around for the long haul.


Jeff Beeman said...

Ive Been a hopper for awhile now. Really since leaving the big "A" wow, what's it been 10 years ago now. Time flies when your having a Just Over Broke life style!

I have been affiliated with a tele-comm company for some time now and will continue with them for the products but as far as building a group or large business network I havn't found that new home just yet. I have researched many and started with a couple but let them slide away. I am involved with a company now that I would like to settle into but the financial investment is a bit out of my league until I get past the first few sales. Once that happens well..we'll see.

What it comes down to...We have all heard the advise. Find what it is you like and then stick with it. THe best career advise you can give to a young person is "Find out what you like doing best then find somebody to pay you to do it!"

So many options available these days it makes it tough for those that are looking. As I think back I had never heard of more than a handful when I first started in this industry. Avon, Fuller Brush, Amway was even something brand new to me at the time.

Best thing I can think of is to first define the dream / goal. Be committed to it and as you look at options find what you like but find what will get you to that dream one step at a time on a daily basis.

Make it a great day!
Jeff Beeman

Heidi Caswell said...

I guess it depends on whether you are going for quick short term money or long term residual. I prefer long term residual.